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Prevention Is Better Than Cure—
Supplying Healthy Fish & Products

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Medicated Food

Prevention Is Better Than Cure—Supplying Healthy Fish & Products

Our Mission— A-Grade Breeder of Goldfish in Melbourne, Australia

Our mission is to grow the fancy goldfish industry in Australia and supply healthy A-grade fish from selected imported stock at reasonable prices. Our mission is to supply you with healthy fish and products to keep your fish healthy for years to come. We are a quality over quantity breeder. I myself started off as a hobbyist and have learned through trial and error. My experience in goldfish keeping and breeding in Melbourne, coupled with the knowledge of visiting Thai breeders and Aquatic vets in Thailand, gives me the ability to offer Australians healthy A grade pieces.

We also take on Pond build projects. When it comes to pond building, it takes experience. Knowing the right filtration, plumbing, and valves needed for easy cleaning under a pond is a must for a busy hobbyist. There is so much more that goes into this than what a normal landscaper is capable of.

Pond Builds & Advice

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Memberships & Subscriptions Coming Winter 2021

You will receive access to step-by-step guides, tips, and lots of information for high-end advanced keepers. As well as some exclusive deals for the shop. Please subscribe below if you are interested. We will notify those interested in advance.

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