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We are proud to be associated with CZ aqua and Dr. Chairat sumgorthong, who specialises in premium foods and medicated foods for ornamental fish. Unlike other products, in the Australian market, we have proof that this product works when used as advised. Kenta is specially medicated to cure the early stages of a swim bladder disorder. ( fish losing control of movement, floating upside down or head heavy and tilted down are symptoms)

Kenta goldfish food is created to prevent goldfish from having gas in their digestive tract. The gas will cause an imbalance to the fish, making the head drop, raising the tail up, causing the fish to have a hard time swimming downward. After using "Kenta" goldfish food, the goldfish waste will come out long and full. Sometimes capturing air bubbles along with it, pulling out the gas from the digestive tract. "Kenta" contains multi-vitamins to boost metabolism; it can be mixed with other fish foods containing high protein to make it a well-balanced meal. Kenta also has ingredients that give our fancies calcium to strengthen their fins and tails and to stimulate intestine movement.


Hi I'm Nathan walls I'm the owner of Fish Farm Direct and Coral Coast aquatics we are one of the largest aquarium fish farms in Australia we have bred, packed and shipped over 12 million aquarium fish over close to a 25 year period, we produce both tropical fish , goldfish and fancy goldfish. we use Kenta goldfish food for our fancy goldfish in our conditioning aquariums we have found Kenta to reduce swim bladder problems like bloat and other buoyancy issues the fish seem happier vibrant and active on Kenta I have found Kenta to be a great product and i particularly feed it to shortfin rhyukins, yuan boa, normal orandas ,rycanda(round body oranda) and tosakins ect .

If you have had fancy goldfish in the past stay floating at the surface usually upside down and felt powerless to prevent it then Kenta is for you. start with Kenta before you have a problem as we all know prevention is better than cure.

Nathan Walls

Fish Farm Direct and Coral Coast Aquatics

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